The History of Romper Suits and Why They are Popular

The first romper appeared in the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was thought that they were ideal for movement since one-pieces could easily be transformed into two-pieces.

Therefore, they were popular among young children as playwear. As a modern casual garment for children, rompers were the original casual clothes.

Children wore them at a time when clothing for children was much more restrictive, since these garments were light and loose. Each country has its own styles and conventions. Until recently French molotov cocktails were reserved for males only. Rompers were worn as dressy clothing by some French children, even though most of them were play garments. As playwear for children as well as beachwear for women, they rose to popularity during the 1950s. They are worn today as casual wear, playwear, and even as lingerie even by babies and toddlers, however, older people are less likely to suffer from it.Since the late 2010s, rompers are back in fashion for kids to adults from tweens to teens. Rompers with shorts are not going out of style anytime soon.

A Brief Introduction to Other Types of Romper Suits

10 Types of Rompers Every Woman Should Try mixing clothes whit other types of rompers :

  1. Strapless Romper

    The strapless romper has many features that make it an attractive choice for many women. It can be worn during any season and looks great on any outfit because it is not too tight.

  2. Lace Romper

    The lace romper is a summer staple and there’s no better way to show off your feminine style than this piece.

    A lace romper is a one-piece, sleeveless garment with a high-waisted or long skirt. It can be worn as an alternative to a dress or as the main item in the look.

    Lace rompers are perfect for summer when they can be paired with sandals and they also look great with high heel shoes in colder seasons.

    They’re perfect for wearing out in the day and then transitioning into more sophisticated outfits in the evening.

  3. Maxi Romper

    Maxi Rompers are a new fashion trend for women. It is a short, tunic-like dress that is often paired with a light jacket or blazer.

    The maxi romper is popular among women because it provides the coverage of a dress and the comfort of pajamas.

    The Maxi romper has been trending for some time now. Its popularity has been steadily rising over the years as it makes life easier for those who have difficulty dressing themselves or getting dressed in general.

Dress Style Romper

A dress style romper is a one piece garment which is usually worn as an outfit.

The meaning of “romp” has varied over time, to denote clothing with wide, flowing skirts. The term was first used to refer to a short sleeved, loose fitting garment worn by young children for play or to sleep in. As the name suggests it is derived from the word “romping” which means playful running about.

A dress style romper could be worn for many different occasions including formal events and social gatherings. There are many ways that it can be styled, including wearing it with heels or flats, styling the outfit into a jumpsuit, wearing it as a tunic top paired with high-waisted pants or shorts, etc.


Other Types of romper suits:

-contemporary Romper

-overlay Romper 

-off-shoulder Romper

-one Shoulder Romper

-tie Strap Romper

-ruffle Romper


Tips on How to Wear Romper Suits Assertively?

A woman has been wearing romper suits for a few years, but she would never wear them because she felt uncomfortable. She always received the same feedback of “You’re so silly, not wearing it.” But now, she’s more confident and changing people’s opinions.

The woman first tries on the romper suit with fashion essentials- jewelry, shoes, etc. She puts on clothes she would normally wear to work- clothes that are work appropriate. Once dressed up in her best clothes, the woman notices how different it feels to wear just a romper suit. She also notices that people are looking at her differently- more assertively.

Wearing a romper suit is an easy way to look put together without having to worry about coordinating separates. However, it takes a certain confidence to pull off this trend. If you are thinking about how to wear a romper suit, here are some tips that can help you decide whether it is for you.

-be courageous enough to try new styles- Romper suit was designed for women who wanted all of the feeling of wearing shorts but needed the coverage of pants. It is perfect for those who live in hot regions or have long commutes.

-wear it with flats- The most popular way of wearing romper suits is with heels, however if your office doesn’t allow high heels or your legs are tired from all day walking work, then try wearing them with flats.

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